The Presidents' Pledge Against Global Poverty

About the Pledge

The Presidents' Pledge Against Global Poverty is an initiative of current and former college and university presidents who are leaders in the fight against extreme global poverty.

These higher education leaders annually pledge five percent or more of their personal income to organizations that address the causes or effects of poverty in their communities and in countries across the globe.

Each president who participates in The Presidents' Pledge makes this commitment as a tangible way to serve the public good, to inspire greater giving and resolve, and to spark action that alleviates global poverty.

Presidents' Pledge participants give directly to organizations of their choosing. At least half of individual contributions are given to fund international projects; up to half of giving may be designated for anti-poverty causes in the U.S.

Why do these presidents make this pledge publicly? To raise awareness that ending extreme poverty is within our reach, to galvanize the collective will to end suffering caused by severe poverty, and to inspire greater giving to organizations that are doing efficient and effective work.

They do so as leaders of higher education institutions that prepare the next generation of global citizens, public servants, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists – institutions where faculty and students apply research and teaching across academic disciplines to help end extreme poverty in our world, in our lifetimes.

The Presidents' Pledge is a fiscally sponsored project of Bolder Giving, which inspires and supports people to give at their full lifetime potential. The Presidents' Pledge received program development funds from a private donor and a special grant from The Henry Luce Foundation.

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